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A trampass like clockwork after another. Your striker suddenly stands free on the edge of the penalty area on the outside. Another trampass. In the penalty area several players are free. And then a full-blown cross into the penalty area.A horror, just against players who like to defensive on the defensive times, so that your game does not go through the middle. With the new "FIFA 18",fut 18 coins this could now fundamentally change. In the new part of the football simulation, which will be released on Friday 29 September 2017, for Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, for the PC as well as for the new Nintendo console, you have significantly more possibilities for a good hereing in The penalty area. Developer EA Sports has explained the flank control in a new video on Instagram.It should now be possible to cut flanks more easily and adjust their height manually. The new flat, tapered balls look good. If they were also controlled by the Schultertasten so easily, it could now come to significantly more goals in the course of the game. Defense battles in the headquarters could thus be a thing of the past - you will have to expand your game wider.

The German 3. Liga and the DFB Cup will be in FIFA 18. This was officially confirmed by EA Sports.A few weeks ago the kicker reported that the third-third German game class will be represented in professional football in FIFA 18. However, there were no concrete sources, instead they were referred to "kicker information".Now the picture and football.de cite official statements from EA and the DFB: According to this is not only the 3rd league, but also the DFB Cup.fifa 18 ps4 coins According to an earlier statement from the DFB, the German Football League and EA Germany have long been interested in integrating the 3. Liga into the FIFA series.

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